Friday, May 8, 2009

The Final Chimp Rodeo Count...And I'm back to Suicide Squeeze

Hey there loyal non-readers!
I have officially finished my stint with the Chimpanzee Rodeo blog for Kevin Blackistone's sports journalism class at the University of Maryland. This blog now has my undivided attention again. Here are some links with recent work of mine.

1) On Nick Swisher's hot here.

2) On the new Yankee here.

3) On Xavier Nady's here.

4) On Johnny Damon's choice words for Chien-Ming here.

5) On Jed Lowrie's injury and the Boston shortstop here.

6) On Wang's demotion to the minors and Phil Hughes' here.

7) On Carlos Pena's here.

8) On Hughes' here.

9) On Robinson Cano's here.

Hope you enjoy the last of my blogs from that wonderful experience. I look forward to devoting my time to this site once again.
All the best,
Nick Ruggia

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