Friday, April 3, 2009

Chimpanzee's been a wild ride!

Hey there loyal fans...sike!

I've been on a hiatus from this account because of issues with my account. But in the meanwhile, I have been keeping an AL East blog for a class I am taking with Kevin Blackistone at the University of Maryland. Some of the topics I've covered recently:

1) The Yankees third base battle (read here)

2) Appreciating the World Baseball Classic (here)

3) Curt Schilling's retirement (here)

4) David Price being sent to the minors (here)

5) Boston's depth (here)

and my most recent one:

6) Jeter and Damon being switched in the batting order for the Yankees (here)

Hope you guys enjoy and I will keep linking to Chimpanzee Rodeo while I am writing there...

All the best,

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