Friday, December 26, 2008

Is Andy Pettitte Done with the Yankees?

Is Andy Pettitte's time with the Yankees done?

It seems, in the wake of the Teixeira signing, that the Yankees are finally tightening their purse strings. Andy Pettitte feels that he deserves about the $16 million he earned last season, when he pitched .500 and had an ERA just north of 4.50

Being that we don't independently trust ERAs in this metrics era, his ERA+ for the year comes out to 92.13. Ouch! That is comfortably below the average number of 100

For you sabermetrics newbies, ERA+ factors in a player's league average, his ERA and the ballpark he plays in.

But somehow $10 million is not enough. For the record, Pettitte's second half ERA+: 67.14. AA material.

Not that Phil Hughes dominated last year, but I have a feeling his numbers, or Alfredo Aceves', and maybe even Ian Kennedy's over a full season would exceed at least the second number, if not the first one. Maybe it's time for the youth to compete for a spot.

And Ben Sheets is an injury machine. The Yankees would be foolish to sign him after signing the similarly frail A.J. Burnett this offseason. I am starting to advocate the youth committee for the fifth starter job. Pettitte's jersey should stay behind in the Old Yankee Stadium, where we can remember his contributions fondly.

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